Dogs Eye March 12 Home Opener

MARSHALL, MN- With Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz loosening restrictions on the state, the Fairbanks Ice Dogs finalized and released the remaining schedule of games for the 2020-21 season. The Dogs will play home games in Marshall through the month of February,  but plan to play their home-opener at the Big Dipper in Fairbanks on March 12.

“The goal through all of this has been to skate in the Dip this season, and today we took a big step toward that,” said Ice Dogs GM Rob Proffitt. “We plan to skate out of that home tunnel March 12 against in state rival Kenai River.”

The schedule includes 15 regular season games in the Dip from March 12 to May 8. In the meantime, the Dogs will play regular season home games in Marshall, with the first contest set for Jan. 21 against Austin. Stay tuned for attendance details for games played in Marshall. Regardless of the attendance policy,  you can represent at the game through the Ice Dogs Fan Cutout special available through the Ice Dogs online store.

Check below for the full second half regular season Ice Dogs schedule.

2021 Schedule

7-Jan at Magicians 1:00pm cst Hudson
8-Jan at Magicians 7:40pm cst Hudson
15-Jan at Bismarck 7:15pm cst Bismarck
16-Jan at Bismarck 7:15pm cst Bismarck
21-Jan Austin 7:00pm cst Marshall
22-Jan Aberdeen 7:30pm cst Marshall
23-Jan Aberdeen 7:30pm cst Marshall
30-Jan Bismarck 7:30pm cst Marshall
31-Jan Bismarck 5:00pm cst Marshall
3-Feb Austin 7:00pm cst Marshall
5-Feb Austin 7:05pm  cst Austin
6-Feb Austin 7:05pm  cst Austin
10-Feb at Magicians 8:00pm cst Richfield
11-Feb at Chippewa Falls 7:00pm cst Chippewa
12-Feb at Chippewa Falls 7:00pm cst Chippewa
13-Feb at Chippewa Falls 7:00pm cst Chippewa
19-Feb Janesville 7:30pm cst Marshall
20-Feb Janesville 7:30pm cst Marshall
23-Feb at Magicians 7:00pm cst Richfield
24-Feb at Magicians 7:00pm cst Richfield
26-Feb Magicians 7:30pm cst Marshall
27-Feb Magicians 7:30pm cst Marshall
5-Mar at Chippewa Tentative
12-Mar Kenai 7:30pm ast Fairbanks
13-Mar Kenai 7:30pm ast Fairbanks
19-Mar at Kenai 7:30pm ast Kenai
20-Mar at Kenai 7:30pm ast Kenai
26-Mar Chippewa 7:30pm ast Fairbanks
27-Mar Chippewa 7:30pm ast Fairbanks
1-Apr Magicians 7:00pm ast Fairbanks
2-Apr Magicians 7:30pm ast Fairbanks
3-Apr Magicians 7:30pm ast Fairbanks
9-Apr at Kenai 7:30pm ast Kenai
10-Apr at Kenai 7:30pm ast Kenai
22-Apr Janesville 7:00pm ast Fairbanks
23-Apr Janesville 7:30pm ast Fairbanks
24-Apr Janesville 7:30pm ast Fairbanks
29-Apr Chippewa 7:00pm ast Fairbanks
30-Apr Chippewa 7:30pm ast Fairbanks
1-May Chippewa 7:30pm ast Fairbanks
7-May Kenai 7:30pm Fairbanks
8-May Kenai 7:30pm Fairbanks